Improve the stay experience of your guests and increase your revenue.

Personalized experience

Show the potentiality of your accommodation facility

Concierge consente di presentare al meglio la struttura e proporre servizi personalizzati, aumentando il customer engagement e le revenue offrendo un’accoglienza su misura.

Booking and Order Management

Upselling without commissions

QR Code creation

Marketing and Promotion Activity

Professional dashboard

Manage easily orders and booking of your guests

Through an intuitive and easy to control Dashboard, the manager can upload all the information of the hospitality facility, implement marketing activities by sending push notifications and manage the services available, which guests can easily book through the app for the entire duration of their stay.

Increase your revenue with a personalized experience

Upselling without commissions

As a manager, you can grow your revenue thanks to the selling of the service and extra.

Booking and orders

The guest can book services of the accommodation facility during the entire duration of the stay.

QR Code Creation

Create your QR Code to receive orders based on the location of your guests.

PMS Integration

PMS integration allows synchronization of booking and the room availability of the facility.

Language and Notifications

You can send reminders and promo to your guests in 7 languages, including Russian and Chinese.

Smart Experience Stay

Guests can book all the services through the app for the entire duration of the stay.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the best Kessy solutions that fit your needs