Key box

A simple and safe solution, ideal for your facility with several accommodations in the same area such as Hotel, B&B, Campsites, Hotel “Diffusi” or “scattered” hotel.

Key box

Automate your reception

Thanks to the installation of an adjustable box system, you can automate the process of delivering keys or badges of your accommodation facility and manage the arrival of your guests effortlessly to avoid hassle and queues in the reception area.

Cost Optimization

Easy to install


Suitable for outdoor use

Freedom and safety

Reception 24/7 for your guests

Deposit the keys or badges inside the designated outdoor box and the guests can pick them up by themselves through an App or by simply putting a code valid for the entire duration of their stay.

Easy to install, and safe for you and your guests

Easy to install

To install, it is necessary only to have a power grid and Ethernet connection or Wifi.

Reception 24/7

Automate your reception and welcome your guests 24/7 without the needs of personnel.

Suitable for outdoor use

Key box made in stainless steel, suitable for outdoor installations.

PMS data synchronization

The integration with main PMS and Channel Manager allows you to synchronize bookings and import data collected during check-in, optimizing operations and increasing productivity.

Intuitive and Safe Specific App

From 7 days before the arrival, the guest can complete the check-in and share it with their travel companions with the specific app in 7 languages. You don't want to download an app? You will be able to carry out the procedure from the link.

Customer Service

Special assistance from an operator everyday, during office hours and an Add-on for a customer service 7/7 to be added on the chosen plan for a full-optional customer care.

How the key box works

Each module is equipped with 12 boxes for the exchange of keys or badges, but additional modules of 16 Boxes each can be included.

The active and integrated Touchscreen also allows it to open via code.

Thanks to the connection via data network and Wi-Fi, the key Box can be opened both locally, via App or code, and remotely.

Plans & Pricing

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