Smart Access

Advanced home automation locks to open doors, gates or the shared access of your facility and welcome your guests 24/7 without the needs of personnel.

Smart access

When keys are turning into digital

A hardware solution system integrated with technological partners to manage the accessibility in an automated way, optimizing time and costs. All the devices can take advantage of Bluetooth technology or Wi-fi to ensure the access in contactless way through an app and also remotely.

Cost Optimization

Safe Access and Contactless

Reception 24/7

Integrated System

Designated APP

Smart Hospitality and Contactless Access for your visitors

Thanks to the digital keys available in the app, guests can access easily in complete autonomy. They can open the door directly with their smartphone. The keys are active based on the dates of stay that are indicated in the booking. A real-time notification system that allows the manager to be constantly informed and monitor the access wherever he is.

The keys of the future

Advanced devices that are perfectly integrated with the technological partners device, suitable for any situation and types of lock, whether they are doors, gates or shared accesses.

Smart Devices

They allow you to have access remotely and/or through Bluetooth. They are compatible with any electrified lock such as doors, gates and garages.



Smart Locks

Locks are installed without making any invasive interventions on the frames. It is necessary to have fixtures with a predisposition to the European cylinder.


It automates any lock with a european cylinder, allowing the insertion and removal of throws. Combine it with K-LINK to manage remote access.

AGB Partner Company

It works similar to an electric impact, providing better design and safety features to the door. To be installed together with K-CUBE or K-LINK.


Designed to ensure access to the facility for guests who do not want to download the App or when there is no available Wi-fi connection.


Numeric keypad with timed code to manage the access to the facility


“MIFARE” Tag or badge to open the door.

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