White label

The SAAS solution is designed for hospitality entrepreneurs: all Keesy services in a personalized app with the logo and colors suitable for your company.

Choose and customize Keesy services for your guests

Self check-in

Turn the formal and rigid procedures of check-in into a simple and digital way, such as sending personal data in police headquarters and setting the payment safely thanks to a team of operators that work on verification of guests identity in real time.

Smart Access

Automate the access with smart devices: guests are able to use their smartphones to open doors or outdoor safety boxes where they find the key cards to enter and your accommodation facility will be able to receive visitors 24/7 without the need of your staff.


Improve the stay experience of your guests and your reputation online. Concièrge is able to introduce your accommodation facility in the best way and propose personalized services while increasing your customer engagement and revenues with a tailor-made hospitality.

Key Box

Thanks to the installation of an adjustable box system, you can automate the process of delivering keys or badges of your accommodation facility and manage the arrival of your guests effortlessly to avoid hassle and queues in the reception area.


Special assistance from an operator everyday, during office hours and an Add-on for a customer service 24/7 to be added on the chosen plan for a full-optional customer care.

Personalized App

The power of your Brand and Keesy services

Increase the credibility and strength of your brand: create your Mobile and Web App available on the IOs and Android stores, with the logo and the distinctive colors of your accommodation facility.

Offer your guests a unique stay experience and be different from your competitors.